Assurance of a happy experience - When you try Merineed, you either get to find a worker through the platform, or we make a 100% refund for you. There's always a room for improvisation.
Our ever-evolving complex algorithm keeps working towards ensuring that you are able to find and hire a worker who you were looking for. Things work out perfectly fine most of the time. But there are a few instances where we are unable to help you connect with a relevant worker.
For such times, we have this wonderful friendly policy for you, which ensures you either get to find a worker through our platform or we make a 100% refund for you.
Overall, I Need A Help Technologies Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") takes pride in the services delivered by us and continuously strives for your satisfaction with our services and support.

Please note, these Refund Policy Guidelines are in addition and are to be read together with the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer Policy and any other Terms of Use or Guidelines connected with the use of the Platform. By using the Platform as well as this Program, you explicitly agree to be bound by the Terms provided therein. Any term not defined herein shall have the meaning attributed to it under the Terms of Use. For every genuine refund requests, the refund shall be processed only after the cancellation request has been processed.

However, there are instances where we may find it difficult to process the refund. In such circumstances, as mentioned below, the company should not be made liable for refund to any User:

1. Due to the occurrence of an impossible and unavoidable circumstance/event (i.e. Force Majeure); or
2. If the refund request does not come within the criteria of refund provided by the Company (as mentioned below); or
3. For the fault of the Customer

Following are the details of Refund Policy applicable on services availed on Merineed:

• Refundable Categories of Service:

All the profiles of Workers mentioned in the “List of 100+ profiles of Blue-collar Workers” & the Verification Orders placed through the Merineed platform is open for a Full or Partial Refund, depending on fulfilling the Refund Eligibility, as mentioned below.

• Eligibility for Refund:

A Customer shall be eligible for a refund if the following conditions are satisfied:

a. All requests for refund shall be submitted within 30 days of availing/requesting the service from the Platform.
b. Following the receipt of confirmation of payment from their respective Bank with regards to the transaction made on the Platform, the ‘Active Contacts’ of the Customer is not activated.
c. When the Customer is not able to find the Workers they were looking for on the Platform, for the following reasons:
i.When the Customer was unable to connect with any of the Workers mentioned in the list of connects provided by the platform
ii. Every Worker’s phone was Switch Off or Not Available/Reachable
iii. Payment processed, but the Workers were not connected
d. When our Background Verification Partners are unable to conduct Background Verification in any remote areas of India or outside of India.

• Refund Process:

In order to request a refund, the Customer needs to ensure that the following steps are followed:

a. Follow the Hired/Refund link sent to them via text messages, and submit their requests directly to Merineed
b. Submit your Transaction Details (Your Name as per our records, Order No, Job type, Amount Paid, Date of Transaction & Reason for Refund and e-mail it to
c. Once the request for refund is submitted, our representative would get in touch with the User for any further details, if required. If all the required information is in place, our representative would get in touch with every individual whose contacts were activated in your ‘Active Contacts’ list. Once the representatives are done with the validation of your request at our end, they shall confirm your refund via e-mail.
d. If your request is valid, your money will be refunded within 7-15 working days of your submission of details. Under the circumstances, that we find your request to be invalid, our representative would get in touch with you for further clarity and try to resolve the issue.

• Mode of Refund:

The mode of REFUND and timeframe would be as follows:

Payment Mode Refund Mode Time frame
Credit Card / Debit Card Credit Card / Debit Card Within 7-15 working days of submission of Refund Request at
Net Banking Net banking Account (Amount to be credited in the Bank Account only) Within 7-15 working days of submission of Refund Request at
Wallet Wallet Within 7-15 working days of submission of Refund Request at

• Jurisdiction:

All disputes and differences arising out of or in connection with this Refund Policy shall be settled between the Company and the Customer in good faith by discussion. The courts in Delhi shall have the exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes relating to the subject matter under this Refund Policy. Notwithstanding anything to the above, the maximum liability of the Platform to any Customer would not exceed the amount which the Customer has paid on the Platform for a Service, which is under dispute.

• Change in these Terms and Conditions:

We reserve the right in our sole discretion at any time and without prior notice to you to add to, remove or otherwise change these terms, including without limitation. The date of last modification is stated at the end of the Terms of Use. Therefore, we encourage you to review the same regularly for any changes, and you will be deemed to have accepted such changes by continuing to use the Platform after the date such changes are posted.

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